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That's right, Caesars are now in a box to bring home for the whole family to enjoy, well, Family that's all over the age of 19 that is! :) 


Pefect for before Dinner Caesars, those mid-morning Hair of the Dog! AKA Hangovers! ... Actually Perfect for anytime of day!


It's never been easier and faster then Box Caesars Eh! by 1858 Caesar Bar

1. Rim your Class 

2. Pour the box Caesar into glass full of ICE

3. Garnish

3. Drink & Enjoy


  • Makes up to 6 to 7 Caesars (16oz with ice) Give or Take 
  • Comes with your Choice 1858 Rimmers (140g Package)
  • Contains 9oz of Potato Vodka, 6oz of 1858 Caesar Elixir & Classic Motts Clamato


ID maybe required at the time of your pick up, in the event you send someone other than yourself to pick your order, you must add a comment in the Special Instructions box. 

BOX Caesars Eh!

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