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About 1858

1858 Caesar Bar is the first of its kind in North America, dedicated exclusively to celebrating the Caesar, Canada’s favorite cocktail. With over 700,000,000 Caesars enjoyed annually, we knew it was time to create a haven for Caesar enthusiasts. At 1858, it’s all about the Caesars!

Inspired by the abundance of craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries, we realized something was missing. Driven by our passion for Caesars, we crafted the Walkers OneShot Caesar Elixir - Now called 1858 Caesar Elixir. After its overwhelming success, we opened 1858 Caesar Bar to showcase this remarkable elixir and create a space for fellow Caesar lovers to gather, share stories, and swap recipes.

We’re proudly Caesar Crazy! Our menu features a wide variety of Caesars, or you can build your custom Caesar to suit your taste. Each Caesar is made with Walkers OneShot Premium Caesar Elixir, a product bursting with flavor that simplifies making the perfect Caesar. Walkers OneShot has all the essentials of a traditional Caesar, and so much more.

Join us at 1858 Caesar Bar and indulge in the ultimate Caesar experience!


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