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About 1858

1858 Caesar Bar is the first Caesar Bar in North America. The Caesar is a Canadian Staple and Canada's favorite cocktail with over 520,000,000 Caesars consumed annually, we felt that it's time that we, the Caesar Enthusiasts, open the first bar dedicated to Caesars. At 1858 it's all about the Caesars!

With all the Craft Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries, we asked ourselves what is missing? Being so passionate about Caesars we decided to Create a Craft Ceasar Elixir called Walkers OneShot. After overwhelming success we decided to open 1858 Caesar Bar, not only to showcase Walkers OneShot Caesar Elixir but so you can come to join us for a Caesar and share your Caesar stories and recipes. 


We are definitely Caesar Crazy! We offer a wide variety of Caesar's to choose from, or you can build your custom Caesar to your liking. We showcase Walkers OneShot Premium Caesar Elixir in every Caesar on our menu simply because Walkers OneShot is an amazing product packed with flavour, and so easy to use! Walkers OneShot has all the essentials of what goes into your traditional Caesar with so much more. 


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